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  • The Sugar Tax Explained

    The Sugar Tax Explained

    The Soft Drinks Industry Levy, nicknamed the Sugar Tax, was launched in April 2018. The levy targets the producers and importers of sugary soft drinks to encourage them to remove added sugar. iPro Sport is the only naturally sweetened hydration sports drink not affected by the levy.

  • What The Experts Say

    What The Experts Say

    The Government recommends that natural sugars and added sugar should not total more than 5% of your daily energy (calories) intake. An excessive intake of calories can cause weight gain. iPro Sport contains Stevia, a natural sweetener containing zero calories.

  • Our Fight Against Sugar

    Our Fight Against Sugar

    “Salford Community Leisure recently took the stance to remove high sugar products from it's centres and where possible provide healthier alternatives to our customers. iPro Sport meets all of our requirements...” Mark Chew (Head of Sport & Leisure) Salford Community Leisure.